I am a stage and on-camera actor based in the San Francisco Bay Area (by way of Chicago and Milwaukee).

Since my acting debut at five as a dancing cat, I've been hooked on performing. It's my preoccupation and my calling. It doesn't matter if it's a day shoot or a fully staged production, I delve deep into the character and strive for authenticity.


I've written a solo performance piece based upon my experience of receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis. The piece examines dying, acting, imagination, connection, and authenticity.

AND it's funny. (In parts)


A few months after sharing her struggle with mortality and meaning in Imaginary Endings, Ellen has died. Paperback copies of her script are posthumously available on Amazon at cost for $3.58 in the US. If you are inspired by this work, please consider a donation to the Gastric Cancer Foundation at gastriccancer.org.

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